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We are Amazon Friendly. Hip Hip Hooray!

Hip Hip Hooray! We are Amazon Friendly!

Hoof and Paw is happy to announce that it is now a part of the “AmazonSmile Foundation” give back program for 501(c)3 charities. Many of you shop on Amazon, so this is a great way to donate to our organization by just “shopping”! Once you have logged in and made your charity selection of Hoof & Paw Benevolent Society of Fairfield County, whenever you shop in the future Hoof & Paw will be your designated charity.
The only difference is when you log into shop, you must log into “” NOT just as you may have done in the past.

The first time you shop on, you will be asked to select your preferred charity. Please select Hoof & Paw Benevolent Society. This is the one and only time you will have to designate our charity. This selection will remain on your account, for future orders. 

All the shopping you have been doing on “Amazon and Amazon Prime”, you can now do on the “AmazonSmile” site. By shopping on this site, the AmazonSmile Foundation will give back a portion of your purchase (0.05%) to the Hoof & Paw Benevolent Society. Please spread the word to all your friends and family about AmazonSmile and Hoof & Paw Benevolent Society.

Thank you in advance,for donating to the Hoof & Paw Benevolent Society through this great program at Amazon. Your generous support enables us to continue our mission to help improve the lives of animals whenever we see or hear of a need.

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