Spay / Neuter:  One way Hoof and Paw supports animal welfare in South Carolina is by funding spay/neuter efforts.  We have partnered with shelters and non-profits to fund these surgeries as it helps control the homeless pet population.  In 2021, Hoof and Paw funded well over 1,000 spay/neuter surgeries and we hope to grow that number in the future.  

Support Shelters:  Hoof and Paw is well connected to our shelter community and works with numerous shelters across the state to fund heartworm treatment for shelter bound animals, fund spay/neuter efforts, and provide funding for emergency medical cases shelters take on from their community.  
Advocate and Educate: Hoof and Paw works closely with our local and state legislators to ensure they understand the challenges facing our local animal shelters.  We also work with local law enforcement and animal control to provide them training on animal cruelty .  

Senior Outreach: Hoof and Paw works with several organizations to bring pet food to seniors in need so they can keep their companion animals at home.  In 2021, we were able to work with our partners to provide pet food to 63 senior citizens and over 200 pets.  We also funded spay/neuter surgeries for seniors who wanted to have their pets altered.  This program is already being expanded in 2022.