Here are a few animals whose lives we have touched


Emmanuel was found dumped in the woods with severe lacerations to the bone, missing pads and toe nails. Hoof & Paw stepped in, offered a reward of $1500 which lead to the arrest & conviction of the owner.


A volunteer from Hoof & Paw provided sweet Angel with the care and nourishment needed to get her healthy and placed in a forever home.


Chubby was seized by Richland County law enforcement because of abuse and neglect. Hoof & Paw provided ALL funds for necessary veterinary care while he awaited adoption…by one of our members.


This sweet young dog was found chained to a front porch, emaciated and lifeless. Hoof & Paw was allowed to speak during the trial on behalf of the victim(the dog). The owner was found guilty, but sadly the dog died. 


Italy was emaciated, pregnant, and suffering with pneumonia when she arrived at the Fairfield County Shelter. The Key To The Lion’s Heart rescued her from the shelter. Hoof & Paw provided this rescue with much needed funds to support her recovery. Pictured here with her new family.  


Through the efforts of Hoof & Paw, an owner surrender was obtained for this little dog. She was heartworm positive, diseased and living in squalor. Danny & Ron Rescue acted immediately and took care of her medical treatment, rehabilitation and adoption.

Fostering Foster

Through the years Hoof & Paw has developed a wonderful partnership with Andrea Walker and her rescue, Fostering Foster. On many occasions animals needing immediate attention & adoption were taken in by Andrea no matter the cost or circumstances. Here are a few special cases

Lily & Sandy

Sandy & Lily were found in Fairfield County starving and almost dead. No one claimed ownership. Hoof & Paw provided a foster and after only 6 weeks, both were placed in special homes. Sadly, a 3rd horse found with them could not be saved. 


Horse Rescue

We wanted to partner with a reputable rescue that is successful in the rehabilitation and adoption of starving and abused horses. Horse Rescue & Elizabeth Stead have been providing diligent care for at risk horses which require more resources, more land, and much expertise. Take a look at some of her success stories.

Lucky Pup Rescue, SC


We made a donation to Lucky Pup Rescue SC for Bordeaux. This puppy needed surgery on his bum. Please click on Latest News (on our home page) to reach our Facebook page for more info on little Bordeaux.

BAC Penny Paws


This little kitten was found on the side of the road with a severely injured leg that needed surgery. Please click on Latest News (on our Home page) for an update on Anakin.

Lowcountry Lab Rescue


This dog dragging case that occurred in Kershaw County. Please click on Latest News (on our Home page) for an update on Onyx.

For the Love of A Paw


This sweet boy was thought to be hit by a car with fractured hip & broken leg. It turned out his injures were inconsistent with a car accident and according to several veterinarians, River was abused. Please click on Latest News (on our Home page) for an update on River

Valiant Animal Rescue & Relief


This severely injured pup was found in the Lowcountry with a gaping wound across her neck. Please click on Latest News (on our Home page) for an update on Sasha